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In this program, you will go from feeling nervous on stage to a feeling of power and eagerness and experience truly performing your best when it matters most.

You want to nail your next performance, so you gather all your music and commit to spending a ton of time in the practice room over the next few weeks. Voilà, right?

Not quite. Because when it comes time to working up your music, you're not totally sure how to get it sounding better. And without figuring out your proven performance strategy, you feel like you're missing half the puzzle. How can you prepare well enough to perform your best on your first shot? 

It's time to stop piñata practicing, once and for all.

And you're ready to find your way forward!

and you're ready to find your way forward!

You don't need to be a certain kind of person or have a certain kind of resume. You can be exactly who you are and still be a gloriously, wildly successful musician that delivers swoon-worthy performances.

You’re starting to realize your path doesn’t need to look a certain way.  

Get instant access to a supportive community that can be the accountability, encouragement, and sounding board you need to elevate your skills and opportunities.

Attend masterclasses by world-class guests with perspectives & solutions that can lead you forward.

Dive into new trainings each month designed to help you develop your ears and be your own best coach.

Accelerate your learning by performing live anytime, anywhere in our performance arena.

Participate in fun seasonal challenges to spice up your training.


The All-In-One
Performance Training Academy


-Christine beattie, freelance musician

-Monica dewey, soprano

-David cooper, Chicago Symphony

I've found actionable tools, both for in the practice room and on stage that have shown a notable improvement in my performance outcome, both musically and emotionally. The best part is that I have clear tools that feel doable and tangible.

I received four professional contracts this season and won two prizes in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, while also singing the title role in an opera, preparing and singing a masters recital, and completing my masters degree. Fearless Performance prepared me for the most important and fruitful year of my young career, and I could not be more thankful!

It was the missing piece I needed to convey my story and to take my performance in auditions to the next level!

 The combination of clear, step-by-step tools and genuine, heartful guidance is top-notch.

I have had more success than ever before. 

I am now a true believer in the Fearless Performance Training.

Rave Reviews

As a member of Elevate, here's what you'll get every single month

Action-oriented trainings with Jeff & Katy to go deep into the specifics of practice, and performance.

From how to deliberately practice to how to manage your onstage nerves and SO much more, Elevate Masterclasses are where we have the nuanced conversations and dig deep into the super-specific strategies. 


Live Monthly Elevate Masterclass Training

Topical video trainings you can watch and re-watch at your own pace designed to help you take your next step forward quickly and efficiently. 

In the sea of voices available to you at your fingertips, it can be tough not to get swept away by the crowd.  Our targeted trainings are designed to cut through the noise. 

On-Demand Video Performance Training


Get the plug-and-play templates we use to manage our practice, performance, and careers. 

We're talking task managers, project plans, practice journals, swipe files, graphic designs, checklists, social media scripts and portfolio guides... if it makes your life easier, we've got you covered. 

Elevate-Your-Work Templates


No matter what level you're at, we can all use a pair of expert ears.  

And with Elevate, you'll always have a sounding board. 

Perform for a world-class musician we feature and get your questions answered.  Learn to phrase from a vocalist, how to discover the architecture of your music from a conductor, how to play jazz from a saxophonist ...and more!

Past faculty include: 
CHuck daellenbach: Tuba, canadian brass
suzanne nelsen: bassoon, boston symphony
otis murphy: saxophone, Indiana university
katy woolley: horn, royal concertgebouw
weston sprott: trombone, met opera orchestra
daniela candilarri: conductor, opera theatre of saint louis

World-Class Guest Faculty Masterclass Training


Be more prepared and see more successes as you work on your next goal by sharing your day-to-day thoughts through posts, pictures, and videos to invite support, solutions, and feedback. 

Connect with musicians of all ages, instruments, and levels to share in the day-to-day successes and lessons of being a musician. 

The Elevate Community Platform

Plus daily accountability & support

You might not have hours to spend at your desk crushing Elevate content. 

But you sure as heck have a commute to make, dinners to prepare, and walks or workouts to enjoy!

That's why we created our Elevate Private Podcast - so you can consume Elevate content anytime, anywhere, via your favorite podcast player. 

The Elevate Members-Only Podcast ($97 value)

Bonus Feature!

get instant access

This option is for someone who is serious about long-term growth in their music and love to take advantage of a GREAT deal.  By enrolling in the annual membership, you'll not only get the best price, but you'll also unlock these special perks: 



All of what's included in our monthly membership option


Get TWO months free (save $94)

Exclusive access to future virtual event invites while you are a member (including Fearless Performance seminars valued at $397)

This option is for musicians who know growth is right around the corner and are eager to take advantage of a lower entry point. By enrolling in Elevate monthly plan, you'll get instant access to a performance training network that will offer the support necessary to practice well, boost performance skills, and show up like the musician you want to be. 


Live Monthly Elevate Masterclass

On-demand Video Training

Elevate-Your-Work Template

Guest Faculty Masterclass

All past masterclass, video, and template training archives

Instant access to the performance arena and community chat spaces

Co-working practice sprint sessions

No buyer's remorse here! You can cancel your membership at anv time.

or choose this plan

Elevate memo board

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Enrollment closes April 20, 2023

My friend, we created Elevate to replace self-doubt with data-backed action and the full belief that every person has beauty, value, and the potential to elevate their world into something a little better through the pursuit of music. Your performance training network is just a couple clicks away.

You'll be backed by a 14-day risk-free guarantee

and before we forget?

The best part of being a member of Elevate? You don’t have to wait months to start seeing results in the way you train. If for whatever reason, you find Elevate is not for you, email us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Any last questions?

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how can a performance training network improve my musicianship?

The best way to get better at any skill is through deliberate practice.  Elevate is set up to make deliberately practicing performing EASY.  No coordinating schedules or bashfully asking a friend if they'll make time to listen to you. Dive into our community of full of eager and supportive listeners–you can access us on your computer or on-the-go through our mobile app–and perform for an audience at your fingertips. 

Not quite ready to start performing?  Noooo problem.  Elevate can be a sounding board for any questions or thoughts you have! Just post in the chat, drop a question to be answered in one of our live masterclasses, or search the community and training videos using keyword hashtags.

$47 is a way more than I pay for my other monthly subscriptions. what gives? :) 

For less than the price of a private lesson, there is always something new to learn in Elevate. You can participate in live masterclasses with the world's best musicians and educators, post performances for feedback at anytime, tap into a hive-mind of musicians who relate to you and also who are doing bigger things than you, swipe through inspirational posts, peek at how others are approaching their training, participate in seasonal challenges, find your. next musician's health coach or stand partner, maintain accountability through weekly co-working sessions... and more.  Elevate can be your day in and day out support! 

How am I going to learn violin from a couple of horn players?!

Elevate is powered by the collective energy of diverse perspectives and approaches. Our members have made INCREDIBLE improvements by ditching the distraction of the instrument in front of them and focusing on far greater things, like how they are thinking and processing music. 
Imagine if you could learn how to do a perfect niente from a clarinetist, to breathe from a vocalist, to gain crazy fluidity on your technical runs from a saxophonist, or to memorize from a pianist. 

In Elevate, THAT'S what it's all about! We learn from musicians who are the very best at what they do. 

Our platform will not replace one-on-one study with a private teacher but our members have certainly found that their work in Elevate has accelerated their technical growth.  

I'm still not understanding what elevate is. help?

It's like Facebook but without the distraction and social comparison, and like an online course, but without the snoozefest, and you can chat, and you can post, and you can perform live and and and... you just gotta see it :) Email to request a 15-minute Zoom call and Dr. Katy Carnaggio will give you a tour of the platform!

As musicians and educators, we know that even the best training in the world won't get you what you want unless you know how to implement. 

That's why we're on a mission to share in the glorrrious, messy, day-to-day work of growth with musicians of all backgrounds through simple, curated frameworks and supportive stages to put them to the test.

Because our *favorite thing* is helping musicians finding their way to real results while showing up as their real selves–hold the performer persona, puh-LEASE! :)

We help musicians transform their lives and careers

hey there! Jeff & Katy here...